Fee Remission

CFSS Fee Remission Scheme (Fee Remission / Scholarships) (FRS)

[Based on the CFSS Fee Remission Policy and CFSS Scholarship Policy which are reviewed periodically and implemented with SMC's approval]



CFSS (the School) annually sets aside at least 10% of its total school fee income to cater for its students from needy families by providing them with school fees remission.   

The CFSS means-tested FRS (Fee Remission) is available for application by parents and potential parents of the School meeting the eligibility criteria.   Scholarships are awarded in the form of school fees remission based on performance of students nominated by CFSS staff.


Applicants can access information related to CFSS FRS (Fee Remission / Scholarships) from the hyperlink provided in the School Prospectus and CFSS admission documents.  Through the hyperlink, details of the Scheme can be obtained from the CFSS Website.


 Applicants can also download information from the HKSAR Website if they wish to apply on their own for different financial supports from the HKSAR Government including Travel Subsidy, Textbook Assistance and Subsidy for Internet Access Charges.


Eligibility Criteria for CFSS FRS (Fee Remission)

  • A registered student in CFSS who satisfies the School's means tested FRS.
  • Student must be permanent resident of the HKSAR and have resided in HK for at least seven years.
  • Student who accepted financial assistance under Local Education Allowance (LEA) is not eligible for the remission scheme.
  • Only ONE application form should be used for ALL siblings studying at the School. 
  • Former successful applicants are required to resubmit a new application every new school year as changes in the financial position of a family will be taken into account when applicants are being assessed.


Calculation Method (Eligibility Assessment)

The Adjusted Family Income (AFI) mechanism is used to assess the eligibility of a family for school fee remission and its level of remission.


  1. Gross annual income of the family includes the annual income of the preceding fiscal year of the applicant and his/her spouse; 30% of the annual income of unmarried child/children residing with the family if applicable; and the contribution from relatives / friends if applicable.
  2. The members of a family normally refer to the applicant, his/her spouse, unmarried child / children residing with the family and the dependent parent(s) who are supported by the applicant and/or his/her spouse.
  3. For single-parent families of 2 to 3 members, the 'plus 1 factor' in the divisor of the AFI formula will be increased to 2.
  4. Medical Expenses Incurred by Family Member(s) with Chronic Illness
    Only the medical expenses incurred by the applicant or his/her family member who is chronically ill or permanently incapacitated are deductible.  The applicant should provide the relevant medical receipts for the relevant period.  The 2023/24 academic year maximum amount of deductible medical expenses is $22,790.
  5. Applicant should refer to the Application Form for types of income earned, showing items that need to or need not be reported/included. 


Level of Remission

The CFSS FRS (Fee Remission) available to eligible applicants will not be less than that offered by the Financial Assistance Scheme of the Student Finance Office Working Family and Student Financial Assistant Agency (WFSFAA).


The AFI eligibility benchmarks for various levels of remission will be reviewed every year with reference to the Financial Assistance Scheme of the WFSFAA.


For SY 2023/24: For student cohorts entering CFSS in SY2019/20 and before, there are 5 levels viz. 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% For student cohorts entering CFSS in SY2020/21 and onward, there are 2 levels viz. 100% and 50%




Applicable to S.1 to S.4

Level of Assistance

(% of School Fee Remission)



Applicable to S.5 to S.6 and other subsidies

0 – 52,700



0 - 52,700




52,701 – 69,700




69,701 – 86,600

52,701 – 103,600







86,601 - 95,100




95,101 - 103,600

> 103,600



> 103,600


For all new applicants in SY2023/24, there are only TWO Levels of Assistance.



CFSS School Fees


CFSS school fees shown on the School Prospectus and on admission documents for parents and potential parents may be revised every year.  Details on CFSS School Fees can be downloaded from the School Website on School Fees.


Application Procedures


Normal Application: The student’s parent or legal guardian must make application by completing the application form provided by the School for school fees remission. The applicant is required to provide all relevant documents and to sign a declaration under oath as to the veracity of the information contained therein.


Any misrepresentation, concealment of facts, provision of misleading or false information in the application form will lead to disqualification from application and restitution in full amount of financial assistance already paid to the applicant and possible prosecution.


Applications must be made annually before the application deadline each year. Late application will not be considered except in special circumstances. The School will inform current parents of the application period through a general notice; new parents will receive the CFSS FRS information in a general notice attached to their admission documents.


Emergency Financial Assistance: Available for applications throughout the year from current parents with urgent needs arising from sudden changes in family circumstance. Applicants should allow at least two weeks for processing the documents submitted.


Submission of Application Form and Supporting Documents


Applicants should return the completed application forms together with photocopies of supporting documents to the CFSS General Office on or before the closing date specified in the School’s general notice to parents and in the CFSS FRS (Fees Remission) Application Form.  


 Late submission without justification will not be considered.


Proofing /Certified Supporting Documents Required


1.      Identity Proof

- A copy of identity card for each family member and dependent grandparent

- A copy of student card/ student handbook for each full-time student


2.      Income Proof

For each family member who has income over the period of the previous fiscal year, one of the following documents should be submitted:

- a copy of the latest income tax return, or

- a copy of salary statement, or

- affidavit of income from Home Affairs Department (for any unemployment period of the previous fiscal year, affidavit of income is also needed)



When the information provided is incomplete or inconsistent, the School will require an applicant -

-   to give an explanation for the discrepancy and /or

-   to provide supplementary information and /or

-   to make a vow that no proofing documents were/are available at any service centre of  

    the Home Affairs Department of HKSAR within two weeks of the school’s   


Otherwise, his /her application will not be considered.


All documents submitted are not returnable.


The personal data contained in the Application will only be used to determine an applicant’s eligibility for and the appropriate level of assistance to be awarded. 


Notification of Results


Normal Applications:

In general, for applications containing complete information at the time of application from current parents, notification of results will be issued before the new school year commences.  For newly admitted students after September of a school year through In-Year Admission, a result notification will be issued to applicants after two weeks following their completed application form submission. 


Emergency Financial Assistance Application: The amount of eligible fee remission to a successful applicant will be made in the following month upon his/her successful submission of a completed application form with supporting documents.


Review Mechanism


Applicants who are not satisfied with their school fees remission results can submit an application for a review of their CFSS FRS (Fee Remission) applications within 14 working days from the date of the result notification. Applicants who suffer an adverse change in their financial circumstances after the submission of their applications may also submit an Application for Review. 


In general, the result of a review will be given within 14 working days of the date when the School acknowledges the receipt of the Application for Review. However, the processing time will be longer if the information provided is incomplete.


Change of Personal Particulars


If any information provided is changed after submitting the application form, the applicant must immediately notify the School in writing.



CFSS FRS (Scholarships)


The award of a scholarship/prize in the form of school fees remission serves as a commendation for a CFSS student with one or more of the following achievements in a particular school year, demonstrating consistent hard work to pursue excellence in academic results and other achievements.  The school offers the following scholarships:


The Chinese Foundation Secondary School Scholarship for students who are ranked first to fifth in a level.


Academic Prizes and Class Prizes for students having outstanding academic performance (ranking first to third in a subject and in a class respectively).


Academic Improvement Prizes for students showing marked improvement in their academic performance.


Dr. Ko Chi Cheong Scholarship for the most outstanding team of S2 students in project-based learning.


Solowmong Scholarships for S6 students having outstanding performance in the HKDSE, and in HKDSE Chemistry.


The Exceptionally Gifted Student in Multiple Intelligence Awards for students talented in a special MI modality.


Auyang Kai Memorial Scholarships for newly admitted CFSS S.1 students who have attained excellent academic performance in both their P.5 and P.6 years. The scholarship can be applied for concurrently with our S.1 places through the School's E-Form for S.1 Admission.


CFSS Alumni Scholarships are awarded to 2 most improved students of each school year, with 1 selected from among the S.1 - S.3 classes and the other from among S.4 - S.5.



Enquires:  CFSS General Office (Tel.: 29047322)


(Updated & approved 14/07/2023)