Enrichment Course

Since the inception of the school in 2000, we have been developing our school-based Enrichment Course (EC), which aims at cultivating students’ generic skills and preparing them for life-long and life-wide learning.


The Course belongs to Tier 1 of our 3-tier Gifted Education Programme, providing quality education for all students.


Our Enrichment Course (EC) consists of 11 modules for S.1 and S.2 students. The course content has been constantly reviewed and fine-tuned to keep abreast of the changing educational trends and current curriculum. It aims at equipping students with 21st Century Skills (Seven Cs) for life-long and life-wide learning. It is the basis of quality education for all students in our school. It also provides a basis of selection of gifted students for pull-out training programmes and training in tertiary institutes.



Learning Skills Module


Students well-equip themselves with the 21st Century skills in the Module to cope with challenges in the ever-changing world in the form of normal lecturing, seminars, workshops, projects, group discussions and presentations.




Futures Studies Module


Entering the stage of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the world is characterized by a range of new technologies intermingling with the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines of economies and industries. Students get to explore more on nanotechnology, biotechnology and big data through on-site visit and practical experience in Advanced Materials Research Centre and Cell Biotechnology Research Centre in our school.




Project-based Learning-I Module


“Project-based Learning I ” (PBL-I) is the first part of the Enrichment Course module on Project-based Learning. In the Module, students know how to set a good topic to work on for their projects. They would also acquire information harvesting skills, data analysis skills and presentation skills for self-directed and student-centred learning.




Project-based Learning-II Module


PBL Hall Presentation Day is a whole-day event, with all twenty-five PBL groups delivering presentations on their projects, sharing their new discoveries of projects with parents, teachers and their S.2 schoolmates. Students demonstrated high level of confidence, collaboration and presentation skills on stage along with their thorough understanding of their research work.